Monitoring of railway traffic

GX Loco - focused on maximum efficiency

Rail carriers often lack system that enables to control operating state, to plan and administer outputs of their transport service. GX Loco solution is designed for rail vehicles monitoring and their complex management. It simplifies the work on all levels of control and administration of rail transportation and gives overview based on accurate data taken and evaluated by the monitoring system. When you use GX Loco you have overview not only of position and movement of locomotives but also of alerts not only for controllingg, operation, maintenance but also for management of the company. GX Loco is reliable solution for increasing efficiency and optimization of rail outputs. If your fleet consists of more types of rail vehicles, you get monitoring system that provides you with overview of individual and complex outputs at one place that is possible to use on all company levels concerned with fleet management.

GX Loco is a summary of solutions designed for monitoring of operating parametres and utilization of diesel, diesel-electric and electric locomotives. The system is completely designed and approved for operation on rail vehicles in the Czech republic and Slovakia. The system is fully approved by the Rail Authority.The basic solution is a product FleetEye-RAIL which brings to rail carriers and their employees especially:

  • Accurate online overview of the actual state and position of locomotives
  • Tool for evaluation of locomotives in terms of operation (utilization, usage etc.)
  • Control over fuel dispensing and usage in locomotives
  • Prevention of undesirable shortage and thefts of fuel
  • Optimization of transport capacity in terms of number of operating locomotives and their power
  • Elimination of undesirable actions and states which influence operation economy
  • Elimination of states which cause failures or excessive wear

GX Loco - architecture of the system

GX Loco is composed of two basic levels. These parts are configurable so HW and SW sets can be customized to the needs of its customers.